Back on track in the kitchen

I am sure a number of blogs start out like this but I really never thought I would start a blog.  So why do it?  Well… I thought that it would be a good way to let my brothers (of which I have three) have access to some of the recipes that made up such a big part of our childhood.  But not only that, I often find that I end up wading through a number of blogs or recipe sites to find inspiration if I am not sure what to do with this or that, so, I thought why not share recipes that I have found to work well and let’s be honest not everything works well so I might as well share the disasters too so others don’t make the same mistakes.

I have always enjoyed cooking and have always found it relaxing and a form of escapism!  I don’t remember when I started cooking but I am pretty sure it all started with baking, Victoria Sponges or Butterfly Cakes would be the desired creation whether or not that would be what appeared on the table aged 4 was another question, but that was neither here nor there as it was enough to spark an interest in food.  As time has gone on I still love to bake but now I get just as much enjoyment cooking just about anything that I can lay my hands on whether it be savoury or sweet.

My intention with this blog is to give an eclectic selection of recipes ranging from simple starters to chutneys, classic family favourites to new ideas.  I have called the blog “Back on track in the kitchen” because up until October of last year I was living in London training to be a lawyer as a result I had very little time to cook.  After qualifying I have taken a little time out and have been living in the South West of France re-discovering my love for food and cooking whilst helping “do up” a Gite.  I have had a lot of time to try out new things and play with old favourites and it is these recipes that I intend to share.

If you do decide to cook anything from this blog I hope you enjoy it if not I hope it gives you some inspiration.  Any comments are always welcomed, but in the meantime happy cooking.

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